Hotel & GRMS Solutions

Hotel & GRMS Solutions

Hotel Software (GRMS) with Integrations and Interface

GRMS can be interfaced with hotel software or Hotel PMS, so that the preferred air conditioning, lighting, ambiance settings are automatically adjusted as soon as the guest check-in is shown.

The main purpose of using GRMS is to consistently meet the needs and expectations of guests in their rooms.

Mobil Check-in / Check-Out

One of the most important issues of the smart hotel system is mobile check-in / check-out. It allows guests to use their smartphones for check-in or check-out in their spare time without having to wait in line at the reception, summarizing key statistics on this rising trend and the implications mobile check-in / check-out can have.

Customization Service

In terms of operations, no two jobs are the same. If you want an intelligent Hotel Management System solution that fits your business perfectly, we can do it for you. With our customization service, you can customize your own hotel Management System exactly the way you want it.

INTERRA Solutions

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